Requirements And Benefits Of O-2 Visa

As the support personnel of an individual that has O-1 visa, which is given only to those showing extraordinary achievements in the field of television, motion pictures, entertainment and athletics. But those on O-1 visa who are to be employed in businesses, education or in the field of science are not eligible to get the O-2 for their support personnel. canada pr

If you are filing a petition to get the O-2 visa, you will need to prove that you are an essential part of the O-1 visa holder’s achievements and performance. You will have to prove that you are only working to provide support to the individual holding the O-1 visa and need to show that only you have the critical experience and skills that cannot be fulfilled by any US citizen. In case, you are an integral part of the support team of a sportsperson, to be eligible for the O-2 visa, you can be an interpreter, trainer, referee or coach that has an important role.

For applying for the O-2 work visa, the employer in US needs to file in the I-129 Form which is the non-immigrant worker application, on your behalf at the Regional Service Center that has the legal authority over the region where you will provide your services. Additionally, as this specific visa comes under the category of non-immigrant visa, as an applicant you will need to show that you are on a temporary assignment while you have a house/home in your own country that you don’t intend abandoning. Generally it is valid for three years but it can be extended on a yearly basis, depending on the time duration that it is needed to finish the activity.

While the main benefit of going to USA on an O-2 visa is that you can get the visa quickly and are free to travel to and fro from US as many times as needed during the duration and validity of the visa. And of course, you can apply for O-3 for the family. The requirements to get the O-2 visa are similar to the O-1 visa needs that include USCIS approval and an advisory opinion from the peer group or the management of the company.

There are quite a few documents that you need to file in when you put in your petition for the O-2 visa. The main documents need to be the proof of the employment contract with the O-1 visa holder and in case, it is oral agreement, you will need to provide the service overview and description. Written opinions in advisory form from the specific individuals or organizations and you’ll need to provide the explanation about the activities that are to be undertaken along with the dates of the events and a copy of the activities/events itinerary.

Though it may look easy, it is a tedious process to complete the necessary formalities and documentation. You can take on the services of a consulting legal expert or an immigration lawyer to help you complete the necessary procedure. Not only do the immigration attorneys understand the intricacies and loopholes in the law but they are used to working with the government agencies and thus, can help you prepare for the visa filing and interviews.


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